“Android Tutorials” for beginners

What is Android Tutorials :

Android is a Linux-based operating system which is run in mobile. Android tutorials are developed by America & led the google company. Thousand of peoples learn android and make an application and also submit in the Google Store App where peoples find anything and get payment revenue.

Read this Infographic. Hope So, that you love this Infographic :

Android Tutorials - DevNotch

Android Studio Working :

For Android Tutorials, you need to two extra Libraries which is connect with android studio
1) Java SDK
2) JRE Please download these two different libraries and install in
you computer disk. Then Start your android studio which is shown the two paths Android studio install & android SDK install path. You have to set the path but both paths are placed at the different disk like Android Path (D:\Android)
Android SDK Path(E:\AndroidSDK) Understand that don’t do the mistake.
Finally, Your Android has been installed in your PC.

How to make first android project :

First of all, just you open the android studio and make the first project in the android studio.
1) SET UP Your App name which will show to another person
2)Company Domain auto Choose Don’t do anything.
3) And also Auto SET the Project Location where it will be installed then click on next.
4) Select the frame where you run your project Android Studio default select
the Mobile App frame So please don’t do anything again.
5) Next Step is your activity which is that your app was shown which design.
6) Finally, click the Finish button then your App Make Completely.

Android Tutorials Working :

The Three files are important which is shown in sidebar menu :
1) MainActivity
The MainActivity is the Java file in the JavaFolder
2) res/layout
This path is the main part of android project which is shown the app where you can
edit them.
3) res/values
this path also valuable where you place your variable in strings file.

The HelloWorld application will be default shown but we are work on the
HelloWorld Application. This is the starting way of android application.

In the MainActivity.java File :

All the work is defined by default in MainActivvity file.
1) First, display the package where application placed.
2) Second Import the libraries who has handled the Components.
3) Third is that the Class who has covered the functions & main Activity.
4) The Class also Extends with AppCompatActivity.
5) There are 3 functions are included in Class.
6) The 1st Function is that the onCreate function which is also included in you MainActivity Class.
7) The 2nd Function is that the onCreateOptionsMenu function which works to inflate by default.
8) The 3rd Function is that the onCreateItemSelected function which works to auto get the ID which is defined in XML File.

In the Content_main.xml file :

1) You can make a design which you want via drag & drop components.
2) If you know the command in XML then you can create your own android design.

 Android OnClick Functions tutorials :

First, you make a Button & TextView then Put the attribute on your button like android:onClick=”DevNotch” & give the ID to TextView.
When you’ll complete this process then goto MainActivity.java File where you place this code in outside the onCreate function.

public void Dev(View view) {

TextView text1 = (TextView) findViewById(R.id.text1);


Dev is a function name which is mention in Button & It consists with 1 parameter who has passed the arguments.
In the DevNotch function, you can perform your own activity which will display to user Like We have done this that call the TextView in DevNotch function by ID
& set the Text in TextView.

If you want to Navigate a Page to Another Page that you can put this Codes :

public void Notch(View view) {

Intent intents = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, Uri.parse(“http://devnotch.com”));


Notch is a function name which is mention in Second Button & It also consists with 1 parameter where it passes the arguments
In the Notch function, we can perform the Navigation activity which will display to a user like When User clicked on the button then It redirects t0 http://www.devnotch.com.

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