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Welcome to the CI tutorials for beginners, I’m from dev notch today, I teach you about CodeIgnitor tutorials for beginners his Short name is (CI). For the learning of CI first, you need to learn PHP & HTML which is use for making a small PHP website / PHP site & also work on the database & it’s possible only for PHP Coder. If you take the more time on PHP then you can do learn PHP CodeIgniter tutorials.

Models Views Controllers :

As we know that all the PHP Frameworks consist on the 3 Motivations :

Models :

Model is used for the extraction of the data from database & passed to controller
& also it’s an encapsulation Business Logic.

Views :

Use for a rendering of HTML output.

Controllers :

Handle the HTTP request & passed the data into views for displaying.

Features :

  1. CI is a very light weight So it does not force any convention.
  2. Custom routing
  3. Form & Data Validation
  4. Full database handling Features
  5. Security & XSS Filtering

CI tutorials for beginners – Directory :

CI tutorials for beginners – In the CodeIgnitor folder, you can see the more folder but you open the System folder which also consists of an application folder & in the application folder to seem all classes & libraries & Also include the models-views-controllers in this The best tool is sublime for the using of frameworks. So, I suggest you that you need to download a sublime on this link : https://www.sublimetext.com/download

The CodeIgniter give the default controller function message.php You can create a controller file with your own but I taught you that you can do work on only 1 controller.

In this article, we teach you that how you can work in CI with the database where you can easily get & send the value to your website. JUST click on video & see that how you can work on CI tutorials.

For more information to visit at more POST of CI.

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