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My Name John, In this article I give you top “Guest Blogging Sites” where you can easily promote your Website. You can easily submit your article to every websites who allow the guest article submission. Go to website & click on submit an article with his submission rules.

Guest blogging sites

If you’re started a blog then it’s good for you that you must have to do work on “Guest Blogging Sites” Just you follow these steps which is provided by the DevNotch Team.

guest blogging sites - DevNotch

guest blogging sites – DevNotch

There are following some Guest blogging sites which is taken the top rank in Google on 2016.

ShoutMeLoud : 1st Submit Your Guest Post in ShoutMeLoud

DevNotch - shoutMeLoud

DevNotchshoutMeLoud This is one of the most important site for you because this website also given the tips & take the guest posts.

HubSpot: 2nd Submit Your Guest Post in HubSpot

guest blogging sites - DevNotch2

HubSpot also an interesting website which take the no 2 in guest bloggin sites. Don’t hesitate just get the link from website.

Copyblogger: 3rd Submit Your Guest Post in CopyBlogger

guest blogging sites - DevNotch3

Daily Blog Tips: 5th Submit Your Guest Post in DailyBlogTips

guest blogging sites - DevNotch4

Kissmetrics: 6th Submit Your Guest Post in Kissmetrics

guest blogging sites - DevNotch5

The Sits girls: 7th Position Submit Your Guest Post in TheSitsGirls

guest blogging sites - DevNotch6

Successful Blogging: 8th Position Submit Your Guest Post in SuccessfulBlogging

guest blogging sites - DevNotch7

Guest Blogging Sites Surety :

These are the following guest blogging sites who accept your article 100%. If your article able to his niche. DevNotch team already checked more websites which are given te benefit of your website. On the Internet, a thousand websites are faked which has taken your articles & don’t give any links to your websites. Therefore, We have except these websites which are not important for you. If you shared your post only these websites with Best English that I believe you that you have able to you can rank your keyword every day. This Method is 100% Legal.

Another Way :

The another is that If you have not been completely able to buy backlinks to a purchasable website then you do something which is almost legal and perfect. GOTO Majestic.com & Create an account. The Majestic website tells you to you can easily check the backlink which is made by other resources. Therefore, you can check the backlinks of another website. If another website gets the backlink from forums OR Image submission So, you can also do this. This is the Good & perfect way to promote your business.

Notice :

If you have spam in guest blogging field then it’s bad for your website because your website has taken the rank but a few days. In 2016 google has totally changed So I tell you that please don’t do any spam work in comments & etc.

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