“Make money blogging”

Welcome to New Article of DevNotch Make money blogging, where we provide the tricks of Home Earning which are a legal way of World.Google always provide the more ways of home Earning which are needed for you. Many peoples work on the Domain website like  http://www.devnotch.com but for these websites you invest the 3000 rupees for Domain & Hosting.

In this Article, We teach you that how you can Start work free of cost & start earning today with blogger.com.

Make Money Blogging :

  1.  Goto Blogger.com & make connect your Gmail account with his Current mail.
  2.  Make a Blogger with your own name.
  3.  Minimum 15 articles with 3 pages First “POST” Page & Second “About US” & Third “Contact US” Page.
  4.  Apply For Adsense with UK VPN.
Make money blogging

Make money blogging

How to Make Blogger Account :

As we know that the Blogger is a free website. If you make a website your own like http://devnotch.com but it’s available in price because it’s consisted in only 2 components First is the domain & Second is the Hosting.

So I suggest you If you can’t be investment your money So you can use blogger website which is free of cost. Just go to blogger.com & connect your Gmail account with blogger and make a subdomain with your own name like http://devnotch.blogspot.com

Watch the video & copy steps which you do :

How to Make a Blog :

How to make a Blog It’s a very simple step If you’ve already made a blogger account. then you can go to blogger.com & click on the “New Blog” button which is used for making a SubDomain like http://devnotch.blogspot.com. Write your title & select the template which is free for everyone.

Just 15 Article :

After the making an account you have to write 15 article in your subdomain because it’s giving you more money after the 15 articles. The Main answer is that the after the 15 articles you can apply AdSense.

Make About US & Contact US Page :

As well As you have to make an About us & Contact us page because the first google read them after the check more information. It’s common that the few things are important after the applying of google Adsense which shown below :

  1. Don’t Copy & Paste Article
  2. About us & Contact us
  3. Give traffic just share on the different social media platform.

How to Apply Adsense with US Vpn :

After all, works apply them with the US is. I use the Hoxx Vpn which is free of cost but first you understand that don’t apply Adsense in google browser.

Watch full video because it’s important for your online earning!

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