“OFF-Page SEO” techniques 2016

I Teach you about OFF-Page SEO Factors which is most important for any website / firm. Just follow these SEO website terminologies to rank easily on the search engine.

First, you can see the infographic If you understand that :

  1. Social Networking Sites for OFF-Page SEO
  2. Blogging for OFF-Page SEO
  3. Forum Postings for OFF-Page SEO
  4. Search Engine Submission for OFF-Page SEO
  5. Directory Submission for OFF-Page SEO
  6. Social Bookmarking for OFF-Page SEO
  7. Link Exchange for OFF-Page SEO
  8. Link Baiting for OFF-Page SEO
  9. Cross-Linking for OFF-Page SEO
  10. Photo Sharing for OFF-Page SEO
  11. Video Promotions for OFF-Page SEO
  12. Business Reviews for OFF-Page SEO
  13. Local Listings & Yellow Pages  for OFF-Page SEO
  14. Article Submission for OFF-Page SEO
  15. Press Release Promotion for OFF-Page SEO
  16. Classifieds Submission for OFF-Page SEO
  17. Social Shopping Network for OFF-Page SEO
  18. Answers for OFF-Page SEO
  19. Document Sharing for OFF-Page SEO
  20. CSS, W3C & RSS Directories Submission for OFF-Page SEO
  21. Widget / Gadget Development for OFF-Page SEO
  22. PPC Ad Campaign for OFF-Page SEO

Off-page SEO infographic

Social Media websites :

Although, This is the outstanding way to promote your website easily. In this process, You make an account on social media websites where you share your website post with URL. This step using for getting a traffic & It also increases the authority of your website. This is the best OFF-Page SEO Rule.

Just you make an account on these following Social Media websites and rank top:

Blogging :

This is the another way to promote your business where you make a blog in web 2.0 websites and write a unique & precise Content / Article. when your keyword rank on google page then the visitors come in your blog (Your blog is identified the DO-Follow Blogs) who send the traffic to your website. If you are not perfect article writer so, just hire an article writer & told him that make an article precise and unique. When the traffic is the increase in the blog by search engine point of view then your earning start. This is also a good part of OFF-Page SEO Techniques.

There are following some blogging websites (WEB 2.0 Websites):

Forum Postings for OFF-Page SEO:

This is also an another to promote your web application where you make a forum in (DO-FOLLOW). Share your Topic with peoples & friends. when people ask any Question then give the answer in a thread because the forum posting appears on the first page of google. Otherwise, if you comment on any forum so, it’s also a huge backlink for your website.

We are providing some forum websites where you write a comment for your website :

Search Engine Submission :

It’s the most important factor of SEO where you submit your site to search engines. Search Engine is like a Identifiers who identified your website
with your keyword. This is the first step to submitting your site to search engines.

We provide the some most famous search engine sites where you can easily get the organic traffic for your blog / websites.

Directory Submission :

Directory submission means to promote your article by directory websites. Many peoples ask that the directory submission is not Alive but my team also work
on this field that we reach at this point that the directory submission is a better way to promote your business if you make the directory on authority websites.

We provide the some Authority websites where you make a directory submission :

  1. https://Yahoo.com
  2. https://Directory.com

Social Bookmarking :

Social Book marketing is the powerful strategy of OFF-Page SEO where you get the thousand of peoples in 1 social book marketing sites. In These days Many peoples do
spamming on book marketing websites So, I told you that be careful and handle this situation easily. Your content rank fast if you POST on the bookmarking websites.
because the search engine does update frequently of bookmarking websites (These factor known as Tag Sonomy and Folk sonomy in WEB 2.0)

We Provide some High Bookmarking websites where you can easily signup on these websites :

  1. https://DeviantArt.com
  2. Yahoo Bookmarks
  3. https://Amazon.com
  4. https://github.com
  5. https://del.icio.us/
  6. https://Wikipedia.com
  7. https://Digg.com
  8. https://StumbleUpon.com

Link Exchange :

Exchange links mean Service Related Websites. which work to increase the link popularity of your website, This is a major part of Google’s PageRank algorithm. Many people’s do Black-Hats by mistakes. So Please, be careful about Exchange Links.

Link Baiting :

This is the most important part for your website position. Consider that if you copied an article to another website so, it’s important that you should not place
a link to their website by reference. This is also an another part to promote your link popularity.

Cross-Linking :

Internal linking is necessary for your page for promoting your article. This is also a part of Google Page Rank algorithm. The top example of internal linking is Wikipedia.
where you write an article and get a link if your website related to Wikipedia article Niche. But this is not yet weight in search engine directory.

Photo Sharing :

When people search on google which they want but they don’t want to waste own time So, they click on google images where they find work shortly.
& It’s a part of OFF-Page SEO where you can promote your article via Images.

We provide the some Photo Sharing websites Just you sign up on following websites :

  1. https://panoramio.com
  2. https://imageshack.us
  3. https://smugmug.com
  4. https://twitpic.com
  5. https://imgur.com
  6. https://mediafire.com
  7. https://4shared.com
  8. https://shutterfly.com
  9. https://weheartit.com
  10. https://befunky.com
  11. https://mobypicture.com
  12. https://fotki.com
  13. https://imageevent.com
  14. https://lomography.com
  15. https://postimage.org

Video Promotions :

If you have put the video in your article SO, It’s important that you have to do SEO of your video because many people’s attract by video. I give you Top video Site
where you can easily submit your video but understand that make a video perfect & good. Suppose you’ll not make a good video who doesn’t attract to user
then they will not come again & again.

There are following some Top listed video submission sites :

  1. https://www.Vimeo.Com
  2. http://devnotch.com
  3. https://www.Ustream.Tv
  4. https://www.Blip.Tv
  5. https://www.Dailymotion.Com
  6. https://www.Collegehumor.Com

Business Reviews :

Bussiness Reviews is not a constant part but it is used for getting an extra drive traffic to your website. In this part just you write your reviews in business
reviews websites and promote your website.

We are giving some business reviews websites.

  1. https://Amazon.com
  2. Angie’s List
  3. Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  4. Bing Places
  5. Citysearch
  6. Consumer Reports
  7. Demand Force (newer review site)
  8. Dex Knows
  9. https://DoneRight.com

Local Listings & Yellow Pages :

If your website local in search engine point of view then the search engine easily fetch your content in search directory. You can make your website global
just submit your website on Yellow Pages Websites.

  1. Google Local
  2. Maps
  3. Yahoo Local
  4. Yellow Pages
  5. Superpages
  6. Hotfrog

Article Submission :

For the Article submission just you understand that make an article unique and precise for submission sites. Otherwise, they can’t accept your article.

There are some following Article Submission Sites.

  1. https://sites.google.com
  2. https://livejournal.com
  3. https://tumblr.com
  4. https://storify.com
  5. https://goArticles.com

Press Release Promotion :

If you work on blog then it should be necessary for you that get the PR submission sites who help you to promote your article on Google News

There are top listed PR submission sites :

  1. https://PRLog.org
  2. https://PR.com
  3. PR-Inside
  4. https://Newswire.com

Classifieds Submission :

Classified Submission site gives the opportunity to promote your business with the free of cost.

Signup & Submission on this Top listed submission sites :

  1. https://Kugli.com
  2. https://Myspace.com
  3. https://Vivastreet.com

Social Shopping Network :

If your author of e-commerce website So, Social Shopping Network is good for yours. You can easily promote your product just share on Google Product Search,
Yahoo Online Shopping, MSN Online Shopping, Kaboodle, Style Feeder, Wists, Five Limes, Buzz Shout, Oh My buzz, etc.

Promotion By Answers Websites :

If you are a developer OR designer so it’s good for you that go to answers websites where people’s type the question. Just you go to in Answers websites and click
the category who relate to your niche and type the Comment for the helping of people’s & promotion of the website. If you give the correct answer then the user come again and again to your website.

There are popular Answers Websites :

  1. Yahoo Answers
  2. Cha-Cha
  3. Answer Bag

Document Sharing :

If you make the document in Powerpoint Or Word, etc. Therefore you should submit your document on Document Sharing websites like businessdocuments.com,
informationbrochures.com, and slides in Google Docs, SlideShare.com , etc.

CSS, W3C & RSS Directories Submission :

If your website is for web design service. that submit your website on CSS and W3C website directories who promote your website if it’s related to web design service.

Widget / Gadget Development :

Make Sure that your website is interactive and innovative widget/gadget. If it’s here in your site. then the user would like to come again in your website.
just take the poll OR game , funny etc category. which will help to increase the popularity of your brand

PPC Ad Campaign :

Another way is that GET the Visitors by PAID from Facebook OR Other Platform where you type your interest keyword and get traffic bC Ad Campaign.

Off-page SEO infographic

Thanks for reading the articles If you follow these rules then you have able rank any keyword.

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